Armada Dynamics has worked with companies that rents out equipment and provides services in the construction industry for a long time, both in Norway and internationally.

Armada EQM – Rental helps you to get an overview of unique equipment (equipment with serial numbers, or are individual tags, eg. lifts, excavators, etv.), bulk items (eg. Scaffolding parts, formwork parts, accessories, etc.) and packages of equipment (kit, eg. scaffolding, frameworks, etc.) into one integrated system that also provides your company with a financial overview for projects.

You will be able to see the economy for a single rental contract, a project, a customer, you can get an overview of how the economy is the equipment that is rented out and you can also see this across any departments / locations in the company. By using availability calendars showing which equipment is rented out or expected to be rented out (reserved), you can plan what you have the possibility to deliver, and see what you possibly should buy or rent from other companies. For larger projects, you can provide your customer an invoice per customer project. You can also measure the economy for a large project, where your company has several customers who deliver to a “main project”.

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